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guideline on advancing the development of western regions in◆ new era to promote coordinated regional development on Sunday. Achieving western development◆ in new era is of great practical and profound historical significance to completing the buil◆ding of Z

a moderately prosperous society in all respects and embarking on a journey to fully b◆uild a modern socialist China, according to the document issued by the Communist Party of Chi◆na Central Committee and the State Council. By 2020, the western regions as whole will see it◆s ecological, business, opening-up and innovation environment to be substantially improved. I◆t will basically realize socialist modernization by 2l

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ll also be made to bo◆lster the integrated development of urban and rural areas, reinforce infrastructure building ◆as well as safeguard the national security and social stability. To further step up the openi◆ng-up in western regions, the documeny

t stressed following the guidance of jointly building th◆e Belt and Road. The country should strengthen the building of transport channels and opening◆-up plat3

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forms while developing an open economy at the high-level and expanding regional coope◆ration, the document said. In the mean time, the document underlined enhancing ecological pro◆tection and deepening reforms in key areas of the western regions. GY

reen development should b◆e accelerated in western regions and reforms on technology system should be actively pushed f◆orward, it said. Western regions must be committed to the9

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people-centered approach, and give ◆high priority to enhancing people's sense of fulfillment, happiness and security, the documen◆t noted. Efforts should be made to strengthen public services for employment and entrepreneur◆ship, support quality e

development of education and improve medical services. The social secur◆ity system, the old-age service system, public cultural and sports services as well as hou8

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sin◆g conditions should also be improved, while the capability of disaster prevention and mitigat◆ion and emergency management needs to be enhanced. China will ramp up fiscal, taxation, finan◆cial, industrial as well as land policies to strengthen policy support and organizational gua◆rantees1

for the western development, according to the document."The British public deserve to have access to the best possible technology," s◆aid UK Prime Minister Boris JoT

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hnson on U.S.-Huawei dispute, adding opponents ◆of Huawei need to suggest alternatives. In his interview with BBC Breakfast o◆n Tuesday, he stressed that "we want to put in g6

igabit broadband for everybod◆y. Now if people oppose one brand or another then they have to tell us what's◆ the alternative." Johnson's comments come amid a continA

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uing delay to the ann◆ouncement about whether or not the UK will allow the Chinese company to play ◆a role in developing parts of its 5G network. On Monday, a U.S. delegation co◆mprij

sing representatives from the National Economic Council and National Secu◆rity Agency was said to have a meeting with its UK counterparts in London, lo◆bbying agains3

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t Huawei's involvement and claiming that U.S.-UK intelligence sh◆aring link would be jeopardized if the company is in. Andrew Parker, head of ◆UK's national counter-2

intelligence and security agency MI5, told the Financia◆l Times that he has "no reason to think" that the UK would lose out on intell◆igence relationships with the U7

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.S. if the government decided to go ahead with◆ Huawei. "I didn't think this was a danger," he added. A Huawei spokesperson◆ made a response to Johnson's comments, saying Huawei is confident the U.K. g◆overnment will make its decision based upon evidence, as opposed to unsubstan◆tiated allegatW

Software Engineer - Google (2013 - 2014)

ions. Meanwhile, Beijing has put pressure on Johnson's governme◆nt, urging UK to make its own choice based on its own interests. "Britain sho◆uld provide a fair, just, open and non-discriminatory busif

Software Engineer - eBay (2012 - 2013)

ness environment fo◆r Chinese enterprises," said China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuan◆g on WednesdayP

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during a regular press briefing when asked about Huawei's issu◆e in the UK. "I think this will also help Chinese companies to maintain their◆ confidence and expectations to the UK market," he said. Last month at NATO S◆ummit, Johnson told he didn't want the UK to be hostile to foreign investment◆. But he also added that "we cannot prejudice our vital national security int◆erests, nor can we prejudice our ability to cooperate with other Five Eyes (U◆.S., New Zealand, Australia and Canada) security partners."BEIJING, May 15 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on◆ Friday urged the international community to step◆ up support for Africa's fight against the COVID-◆19 pandemic and actively participate in the initi◆ative endorsed by the Group of 20 (G20) to suspen◆d debt service payments for the world's poorest c◆ountries. Xi made the remarks in a telephone conv◆ersation with South African President Cyril Ramap◆hosa. Noting that the spread of COVID-19 is accel◆erating in Africa, Xi said that under Ramaphosa's◆ leadership, the South African government has ado◆pted a series of epidemic response measures and a◆chieved positive results. China will continue to ◆provide firm support and as much assistance as it◆s capacity allows for South Africa, and strengthe◆n bilateral medical and health cooperation, he sa◆id. China, he added, is willing to maintain regul◆ar communication with South Africa, and boost coo◆rdination on multilateral platforms such as BRICS◆, the G20 and the United Nations, so as to push f◆or greater development of the China-South Africa ◆comprehensive strategic partnership and jointly s◆afeguard the fundamental interests of the two and◆ also other developing countries. Meanwhile, Xi s◆tressed that China and Africa enjoy a profound tr◆aditional friendship and trust each other, and th◆at they are good friends, good partners and good ◆brothers. The Chinese side empathizes with the du◆al pressure faced by African countries from the e◆pidemic and the 7

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economic downturn, Xi said, addin◆g that while still facing great pressure in its o◆wx

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